For Whom: The Forgotten People

Micah Foundation is about one vital thing:
     As the vision was given to Gloria Bellini, Founder, Micah Foundation, to bring help to the outcast and forgotten throughout the nations.

It's About The People:  

The work of Micah Foundation is not about building edifices to glorify man or to bring attention to itself or those who work for the Ministry, it is about the people that the Ministry is called to do.  It is about meeting the needs of people who have been discarded and forgotten by their countrymen and the world around them.

It is passion and pure AGAPE love for these unknown masses, that with your help, Micah Foundation will reach out "to the uttermost parts of the world!"

Our Next Mission: South America

Our work efforts can be seen in the jungles of Southern India. God is moving His infinite love and power through Micah Foundation to feed, clothe, teach, and bring healing and support to the people, whatever their race, creed, color, or ethnicity may be.

Where The Work Has Begun:

India, on one hand a nation with wealth and technological capabilities that are at the forefront.  On the other hand, there are areas within this nation where poverty and lack, sickness and disease are unparallel in all the world.  It is these people who have already been touched with the love of God through Micah Foundation, with medical outreach, food, clothing and sanctuary for the outcast.

Through a partnership with World Foundation, Far Corners Foundation (WMFC) and Dr. Leonard Bell,  Micah Foundation has reached out to the sick and infirmed of India and South America.  For several years, Dr. Bell's ministry has operated floating hospitals and clinics via boats down major river ways of the Godavari River in Southern India.  Through this unique method, God has met the needs of hundreds of thousands of people who have no other means of obtaining medicines, vaccinations, dental, medical and surgical intervention.  In addition, The Gloria Bellini Tribal Hospital in Polavaram, India (pictured) has been completed and dedicated to meeting the needs of an area consisting of some of the poorest and most ostracized people in all of the world, let alone India.

Our Next Outreach  -  A Medical Clinic In South America

It is the vision of Micah Foundation to take the good news to the most remote areas where the forgotten are in desperate need.  To realize that an outbreak of a disease easily treated in the developed world can quickly devastate an entire village in a matter of days and then stand by and do nothing is ungodly.  

By developing partnerships with Christian Doctors and trained medical workers, both native and American, it is our hope to reach more of these areas, bringing compassionate care and the love of our Lord where it is most needed.

We are currently in the process of considering a site for the building of a new Medical Clinic in Bolivia.  We covet your prayers and financial support as we prepare for this.

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