Our Mission:                                

To Help The People of Bolivia          
In Need of Medical Equipment          

" With your loving support,             
our goal is obtainable."             

  - Gloria Bellini                            
                           Missionary, Micah Foundation             

By way of introduction, Micah Foundation is non-denominational, non-profit organization dedicated to meeting the needs of the medically underserved in several parts of the world.  Currently, our focus is on the tremendous need in the country of Bolivia.  Because of various factor, economic and otherwise, there has been significant growth in the number of truly impoverished individuals amongst the indigenous natives of Bolivia.  Disease is rampant and many of the government-supported hospitals and rural clinics have been severely tapped of basic medical supplies.  The need is reaching critical proportions.

The Bolivian government though their Ministry of Health has reached out to our organization for help.  Because of our past success at helping to meet similar needs in areas such as Southern India, we feel confidant that we can be a significant link in the chain that meets the dire need in Bolivia.  We are asking you help in adding more links to this chain of aid by submitting a request for donations from your institution.

Attached (click here) you will find a list of specific needs from the Bolivian Ministry of Health.  As you can see, the list is extensive, but each individual piece of equipment or each box of supplies that you may be able to donate is a gift of incredible importance to the lives of the people it will aid.  Please search the list you may be able to donate - NEW - USED - NEAR EXPIRED - EXPIRED - most anything you may offer for donation is greatly needed.

*  What You and I May Consider Older Technology
 or Unusable Is A Luxury That Will Save Lives

We have discovered that hospitals and medical organizations such as yours have a significant turnover in equipment that may no meet specifications anymore, or may have become outdated.  Rather that discarding or selling them, would you consider donating them for such a critical time and need as this?  

Please, if you can help in anyway - large or small - it would be appreciated more than you may imagine.  

Of Course, Anything That Is Donated Would Be Valued And 
A Tax-Deductible Receipt Would Be Given To You For The Estimated Value.

As an organization, we would also help in informing your local community of your generosity through plaques, publicity or any manner you wish as our partner in helping the needy.

Thank you for giving this letter your time and attention.  If you have any questions or are considering a donation, or if you have information regarding other organizations that may be able to aid in our cause, please let us know.

Gloria Bellini
Missionary, Micah Foundation

Daniel Robitchek, MD
Medical Outreach Director, Micah Foundation
Associate Professor of Medicine,
University of California, Irvine

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