Medical Equipment Needed For:

La Paz, Bolivia 

" With your loving support,             
our goal is obtainable."             

  - Gloria Bellini                            
                           Founder, Micah Foundation             

The Bolivian government, though their Ministry of Health, has reached out to our organization for help.  Because of our past success at helping to meet similar needs, we feel confidant that we can be a significant link in the chain that meets the dire need in Bolivia.  We are asking you help in adding more links to this chain of aid by submitting a request for donations from your institution.

A tax-deductible donation of Medical Equipment from your organization is a gift of incredible importance to the lives of the people it will aid. 

Please search the list below.  

You may be able to donate - NEW - USED - NEAR EXPIRED - EXPIRED 
Most anything you may offer for donation is greatly needed!

Please Check All Of The Items You Will Be Able To Donate

Surgical Instruments for the operating room and surgical units

Surgical boxes/trays for tonsilectomy, rhinoplasty, micro surgery of ears, microsurgery of the larynx,, and endospopic surgery of the nose and paranasal sinuses

Equipment laparascopic colon surgery (complete)

EEG (electroencephalogram) equipment with 16 channels to monitor and map cerebral activity

Surgical tables with multiple movements

Electrical scalpel

Surgical suctions

Oxygen tanks 7m3

CO2 medium tanks

Laparascopic surgical equipment

Pulse-oximetry (2) ( monitor % of oxygenation in the cells )

Sky lamps

Cardiac monitors


Ventilators for anesthesia

Infusion pumps

Laryngoscopes complete

Anesthesia machines


Laryngoscope complete ( AMBU)

Humidifiers with thermostat

Oxygen masks (Venturi & Hudson)

Infusion pump EV

EKG machines electrocardiograms

"Wright" Spirometer

Incentive Spirometer

Arterial blood gas meter

Ultrasound equipment

Central telephone with 8 external lines and 40 internal lines


Ventilator (Bird)




Liquid nitrogen thermos/canister 10 liter


"Wood" lamp

Lamp for clinical exam with incorporated magnifying glass

Wrap around body lamps/flexible neck

Frontal lens (magnifyins) for clinical exams

Equipment for cryotherapy


Time_Punch_In Employee Clock

Ultraviolet lamp

Digital scale 001-300g

Centrifuge 24 tube capacity

Microscope with binoculars

Microscope with binoculars with darkened area

Teaching microscope

Autoclave for microbiology

Agitator for WBC (white blood cell) Pippetes

"Elisa" washer

1Plate electrical skelet

Culture incubators 0o - 60o

Complete equipment for blood gases

Microcentrifuge 24 tube capacity

Automated blood mixer

Automated equipment for Hematology

Knife sharpener for Microtom

X-ray machine with digital monitor with capability of 1000 MA

Ultrasonography equipment, computerized with long reach and with transducers and following measures: 3-5Mhz and 7.5 Mhz printer included

X-ray hangers: Following measurements - 18 x 24, 24 x 30, 30 x 40, 35 x 35

Lead aprons

Otolaryngology microscope

Food carts (mobile)

Hemoglobin meters (portable) double optic filter

Blood bag automatic sealer (electric)

Immunoserology interpreter "Elisa"

Contrifuges with refrigeration for blood components

Freezers < 35o C (with alarms, monitor, forced air)

Freezers >21o C with agitation trays.  Automatic, temp. monitor and alarms

Freezers <85o C for plasma

Refrigerators for blood bank monitors and alarms

Freezer for cryoprecipitates with monitor and alarms in alcohol base

Macro centrifuges (tables) with velocity controls and variable velocities

Blood bags: simple, double, triples, quadruples

Laboratory materials: (tubes, automatic pippetes, etc.)

Scale (precise)

Scales (double plate, 1 KG)

Lancets, gloves, cotton adhesive tape, hemoglobin microtubes, etc.

Computers with software for blood bank. Barcode Reader

Printers to imprint bar codes

Computers with word processing/spreadsheet software for administration

Imprinters (ink based)


Treatment: water based for hemodyalisis with capability for 10 machines

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